CIPS Hosts Release of Asia Foundation’s 2018 Survey of the Afghan People

Event Date: December 11, 2018 – 9:00am to 11:30am Location: Faculty of Social Science 4004, 120 University Private, Ottawa Voices of the Afghan People The Asia Foundation releases its 14th annual public perception survey Afghanistan is at an important moment in its history. Despite a persistent insurgency that continues to control and destabilize roughly half of the country,… Read More »

Sarah Bowles

2018, G78 Conference Report and Policy Recommendations has been Released

Ottawa December 3, 2018 The Group of 78 (G78) is a non-governmental organization, founded in 1981, dedicated to the promotion of a progressive foreign policy based on principles of sustainable peace, justice, and global survival in the face of contemporary challenges. Its report Meeting the Climate Challenge: Accelerating the Transition to a Post-Carbon World, G78 Conference Report and… Read More »

The Division of America: Looking ahead after the 2018 Midterm Elections

In all likelihood, the Democrats will retake the House of Representatives in the November 6th elections. That will set the stage for an even more divisive atmosphere in Washington, as the Democrats will now be empowered to pass legislation in Congress that reflects their values and concerns. Will the 116th Congress look to heal wounds and find ways to build bridges or will it further entrench the two tribes? What will be the impact on Canada? For the global rules of order?

What Would it Take to Achieve Peace in Yemen?

Pdf Early Bird Ticket Sale – Eventbrite Only (sale ends Nov. 13th) $5.00 – Early Bird, Student/Unwaged Ticket (Sale ends November 13, 2018) $10.00 – Early Bird, Regular Ticket, (Sale ends November 13, 2018) Tickets on 17th October: $10.00 – Student/unwaged $15 – Regular Ticket Available at the door or through Eventbrite Join us on Wednesday, November 14, 2018 for… Read More »

Making Sense of the Russia Trump Media Circus

Are Russia’s alleged transgressions so disproportionately more serious than those of other international actors, to justify this western hostility? After examining the available evidence, Prof. Bienefeld will argue that any Canadian truly concerned with creating a world in which international law will play a significant and effective role in protecting sovereign nations from hostile diplomatic, financial, informational or military interventions in their internal affairs, should focus on opposing the increasingly provocative and dangerous policies of NATO and its main western supporters, especially the U.S. and Canada.

Oil and World Politics- Canada Plays the Oil Game too

Petroleum geopolitics are complex. When clashes and conflicts occur, they are multi-dimensional. Foster’s book “Oil and World Politics. The real story of today’s conflict zones: Iraq, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Ukraine, and more” explores pieces of the multi-faceted puzzle in the dark world of petroleum and fits them together.

Culpeper and Tanner: Canada is losing the fight against climate calamity

ROY CULPEPER & SUSAN TANNER Ottawa Citizen Newspaper Opinion Column Updated: October 15, 2018   Three things are conspicuously weak in Canada’s strategy to combat climate change: We have insufficient resolve to reduce the supply and consumption of fossil fuels; we need better incentives to promote the development of and shift to renewable energy; and national and provincial plans to… Read More »

Getting to Nuclear Zero: Building Common Security for a Post-MAD World Update

Nuclear weapons pose an existential threat to humankind. But if we are to eliminate them from military arsenals, and displace their role in NATO’s strategic concept, what is the process that will make that happen, what will the world without nuclear weapons look like, and once we achieve that world, how do we sustain it? The Group of 78… Read More »

Climate Stomp! September 29, 7-11pm

Please join us at our upcoming event: Climate Stomp! Hosted by the Group of 78. This evening will include live music, dancing, fundraising activities, appetizers, and a cash bar! This is a free event, so invite friends and family to join us for a night of singing and dancing. Donations are greatly appreciated at the door. Donations of $20 and over will… Read More »

Sarah Bowles

MEETING THE CLIMATE CHALLENGE: Accelerating the Transition to a Post-Carbon World

The conference will examine questions such as:
• The complex context of the Climate Challenge, nationally and internationally, and the policy framework required to address it.
• The leadership needed to promote global cooperation in addressing the Climate Crisis in a timely manner.
• Creating coherence between green public policies and related socio-economic policies such as military and trade agreements.