2002 Conference

Hot Button Issues in Canadian Foreign Policy Service

Since September 11 2001

Report of the Group of 78 Annual Policy Conference 2002
September 27 – 29, 2002

Econiche House: 32 River Road, Cantley, Quebec J8Y 3A1

Conference 2002 Final Report

Conference 2002 Recommendations 2002 (English)

Conference 2002 Recommendations (French)

Letter to Foreign Affairs Minister Bill Graham and Response (English)

Letter to Foreign Affairs Minister Bill Graham and Response (French)

Program 2002

Programme 2002

Conference 2002 Background Information

Jeremy Seabrook – Sustainable development is a hoax: we cannot have it all

Elizabeth Dowdeswell – Beyond the Promise Land: Canada should ratify the Kyoto Accord

Conference Coordinator: Working with the chair and preparatory committee, conference coordinator Mary Edwards did a fine job of handling the administrative side.

Members of the preparatory committee: Peggy Mason (chair), Élisabeth Barot, Geoffrey Bruce, Tim Creery, Jennifer Dickson, Mary Edwards, Ross Francis, John Graham, Robert Judge, Graeme Kirby, Arch MacKenzie, Peter Meincke, Clyde Sanger, and Michael Shenstone. The committee would like to thank Nancy Drozd, former Treasurer and Executive Secretary, for her continuing advice and support.

Conference Rapporteurs: Once again we were pleased to welcome graduate students from the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University as Aworking guests@ at the Conference. This report is based on their work: Rebeca Batres-Doré, Marie-Noëlle Desrochers, Zeynep Ersahin, Tiani Jimenez, Adria Mays, Brendan Sutton, and Alexa Wilson (who is also a law student at University of Ottawa).

Moderators of panels and discussion groups: Jennifer Dickson, Dwight Fulford, Michael Shenstone, Graeme Kirby, Penny Sanger, Tim Creery, Peggy Mason.

Editors: Arch MacKenzie and Tim Creery organized the rapporteur group and were the editors of this report; Mary Edwards was production editor.

Translation: Suzanne Chabot and Evelyn Dumas

Financial Contributions: While members pay their own way to the Conference and participants in the program donate their services, the Conference would not be possible without financial support for organization and administration. This year=s gathering was made possible by the continuing generous support of the John Holmes Fund, administered by the Canadian Centre for Foreign Policy Development located in the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, and by important grants from the International Development Research Centre and the Special Projects Fund of the Department of National Defence.

Rev. James Christie and Élisabeth Barot,

Co-Chairs of the Group of 78, 2000-2002