2001 Conference

Challenge and Change to

Canada’s Foreign Policy:

1981 – 2001

20TH Anniversary Annual Policy Conference of the
Group of 78

September 21-23, 2001
Cantley, Québec

Conference Report 2001 (English)

Conference 2001 Report (French)

Group of 78 Statement on September 11

Flora MacDonald on Impact of September 11 on Afghanistan

Maureen O’Neil Speaking Notes

Romeo Dallaire, The Four Revolutions

Romeo Dallaire, Les quatre revolutions

Background Documents

Ardath Francis and Dexter Sampson – Preservation of Biodiversity: A Global Challenge

Michael Shenstone – World Population Growth and Movement

Michael Shenstone – Accroissement et mouvements de la population mondiale

“We can lead in this new era of conflict resolution but we must do it with new tools… There are nations in development that are screaming for this country to lead the world in regard to conflict resolution, to respect human life, to take the lead in fact, in proclaiming that every human is (fully) human”.
Lt. General (ret.) Romeo Dallaire

“These behind-the-border issues of democracy, economic equity and sustainable development are the issues that will ultimately decide our future as Canadians. They are the proper subjects of a Canadian foreign policy that answers to our interests, and to our values as citizens of the world”.
Maureen O’Neil

“I hope the Group can urge the government, which doesn’t know what its vital interests are, and say: ‘Look, you have an international mission and you always have had, and we are one of the few countries that can pursue this activity of bringing about, where we can, compromise and persuading our great neighbour to act multilaterally’ “.
Geoffrey Pearson


Conference Rapporteur: Clyde Sanger

Conference Co-ordinator: Corey Levine

Members of the Conference Coordinating Committee: Debbie Grisdale, Geoffrey Pearson (co-chairs); Tim Creery, Nancy Drozd, Michael Shenstone, Arch MacKenzie, Clovis Demers and Dwight Fulford.

G78 Treasurer and All-around Guru: Nancy Drozd

Conference Report Editors: Arch MacKenzie, Corey Levine, Tim Creery

French Translation: Jean-Claude Bourgie

Background Papers: Ross Francis

Production Editor: Corey Levine

Financial Contributions: The conference was made possible by generous grants from the John Holmes Fund administered by the Canadian Centre for Foreign Policy Development located at the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade; the International Development Research Centre; and the Simons Foundation.

Debbie Grisdale and Geoffrey Pearson

Conference Co-Chairs