1999-2019 Luncheon Series

The Group of 78 hosts a luncheon speaker series  in Ottawa each month from October to June, except December. The presentation focuses on a current issue of the day and provides ample opportunity for debate and discussion.


May 26, 2009

Diana Ralph – The Canadian Jewish Movement for Justice for Palestinians

March 24, 2009

Newton Bowles – The UN Convention for Women: Is it working?


March 25, 2008

Newton Bowles – Human Wrecks or Human Rights

January 29, 2008

John Foster – Afghanistan and the New Great Energy Game. See his updated article June 19, 2008 “A Pipeline Through A Troubled Land: Afghanistan, Canada, and the New Great Energy Game



June 20, 2006

Richard Harmston – Nepal: King, Constitution or Chaos?



February 15, 2005

Magnus Schönning – Promoting Public Awareness of the UN’s MDGs: the experience in Sweden

January 25, 2005

Gerald Ohlsen – Riding the Wave: How the Tsunamis Can Change Development



May 25, 2004

Jean Jacques Blais – Afghan Elections and the Rule of Law

January 27, 2004

Alex Neve – Allowing Torture Will Not Make Us More Secure

Alex Neve – Permettre la torture n’améliorera pas notre sécurité



December 3, 2003

Bill Janzen – Sorting Out the Tragic Iraq Situation

February 23, 2003

Christopher Waddell – Les relations canado-américaines après le 11 septembre



Michael Oliver – Reversing the Downgrading of the United Nations

December 11, 2002

Alternatives to War with Iraq: Recommendations of an Experts’ Panel

Rev. James Christie – The Aftermath of the World Trade Center Catastrophe

John Sigler – Peace Plans for the Middle East: Prelude to an imposed settlement?

April 23, 2002

Simon Dalby – Environmental Change and Human Security: Rethinking the Contexts of Sustainable Development

February 2002

David Pratt – Diamonds of Conflict, Blood and War

January 29, 2002

Debbie Grisdale – Flickering Glimmers of Hope on the Road to Nuclear Non-Proliferation

Debbie Grisdale – Faibles lueurs d’espoir sur la voie de la non-prolifération nucléaire



Peggy Mason – Combating the Illicit Trade in Small Arms: Let’s make sure Canada is part of the solution

Peggy Mason – Combattre le commerce illicite des armes légères, assurons-nous que le Canada fasse partie de la solution

November 27, 2001

Shirley L. Thomson – Globalization and Cultural Policy: Ideas without Borders

October 2001

Flora MacDonald – Supply corridors essential to prevent 1.5 to 3 million deaths in Afghanistan

May 29, 2001

David A. Walden – UNESCO: Its perspective on cultural diversity and cultural identity

April 24, 2001

Ed Broadbent – The Canadian Democracy and Corporate Accountability Commission



October 31, 2000

Fen Osler Hampson – The Axworthy Years: An Assessment


June 2000

James Bruce – Canada lags U.S. in fighting climate change

James Bruce – Le Canada devancé par les États-Unis dans la lutte en matière de changement climatique

June 20, 2000

James Bissett – Current Immigration Policy and the Crisis in Refugee Asylum

May 2000

Joan DeBardeleben – Russia: A Longing for Stability

April 2000

John Harker – Canada and Sudan: A Scout and an Envoy

February 2000

Kerry Pither and Walter Dorn – Near-Death of East Timor

Kerry Pither et Walter Dorn – La quasi-disparition du Timor-Oriental

January 2000

Farhang Rajaee – After Seattle: Perceptions of Globalism

Farhang Rajaee – Après Seattle: Perceptions du mondialisme



November 1999

Peggy Mason – Canada sidelined in missile-defence debate

Peggy Mason – Le Canada est mis sur la touche dans le débat sur les systèmes de défense anti-missiles