Luncheons 2012

The Group of 78 hosts a luncheon speaker series  in Ottawa each month from October to June, except December. The presentation focuses on a current issue of the day and provides ample opportunity for debate and discussion.

Maiolo_HarioNovember 27, 2012 – Ilario Maiolo – Current Challenges to International Humanitarian Law

Hannon_PaulJune 19, 2012 – Paul Hannon and Earl Turcotte – Cluster Bomb Law: What Is Wrong and How To Correct It
Paul Hannon Speaking Notes
Earl Turcotte Speaking Notes
More information at Mines Action Canada.



Sanchez_JuliaMay 29, 2012 – Julia Sanchez – Challenges and Opportunities for Canadian Civil Society in a Transforming World




Mckaskie_CarolynApril 24, 2012 – Carolyn McAskie – Canada and Multilateralism: Missing in Action
McLeod Group Paper, December 2011 (PDF)