Policy Statements

The Group of 78 has adopted positions on many international and foreign policy issues, including conclusions and recommendations from its annual policy conferences.  These policy statements and positions are provided here.


Approved by the Board of Directors of the Group of 78, a new letter dated March 18, 2024 was sent to Prime Minister Trudeau and all Party leaders requesting that the Government of Canada demand an immediate and permanent ceasefire, and the immediate and unconditional opening of Gaza to all available forms of humanitarian assistance, especially famine relief. Please read the letter below: 
The following open letter to Prime Minister Trudeau was approved by the Board of Directors of the Group of 78. It calls for an immediate ceasefire in the war in Gaza; increased humanitarian aid for the civilian population; an embargo on Canada’s military trade with Israel; the immediate restoration of funding to UNRWA; and the removal of barriers to family reunification for Palestinians seeking to flee Gaza.
The letter is copied to Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly, International Development Minister Ahmed Hussen, and Immigration Minister Marc Miller.

An Open Letter to Canada’s Prime Minister 



The Israel-Hamas War and our priorities: A call for Immediate Ceasefire and renewed priorities on Humanitarian Support and Peace Talks  

Adopted by the Board of Directors by a strong majority with one objection. 



Economic Sanctions Under International Law: A Guide for Canadian Policy

Fulfill the NPT: From nuclear threats to human security: An Open Letter to the States Parties of the Nuclear non-proliferation Treaty

Statement on the Russian invasion of Ukraine

The Climate Action Plan


End Canada’s support of the war on Yemen and ongoing weapons exports to Saudi Arabia, Canada-Wide Peace and Justice Network

Call for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

Canada needs to demonstrate sincerity in its climate adaptation actions, Hill Times

Letter to Prime Minister, COP26

CNANW Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau: Canada can join Norway and attend first TPNW meeting

Open letter to Presidents Putin and Biden in advance of their June 16th, 2021 Summit


Letter to the Prime Minister urging support for developing countries in the current economic and health crisis


Climate Action: Questions for Candidates in the 2019 Federal Election

Open Letter to Government of Canada on Climate Action

What We Talk About When We Talk About NATO

Letter to the Prime Minister: Statement of Concern on the Crisis in Venezuela

Letter of ongoing concern from civil society regarding Saudi LAV deal  (English)and French 

Global Markets Inequality and the Future of Democracy: G78, 2019 Conference Report
And Policy Recommendations


Meeting the Climate Challenge: Accelerating the Transition to a Post-Carbon World G78 Conference Report and Policy Recommendations. Group of 78 2018Annual Policy Conference


Getting to Nuclear Zero Covering essay 

Policy Recommendations document 

Long summary document

Updated –  Shift to Sustainable Peace and Common Security (English) and  French

Letter to Minister of Foreign Affairs re Saudi arms export investigation

Letter to the PM stating our concerns about the shooting of Palestinians by the IDF

Joint Rideau Institute and Group of 78 letter to Minister of Foreign Affairs on ATT

Appeal to Minister of Youth and Prime Minister Trudeau to secure the freedom of the Canadian Al-Qazzaz family forcibly held in Egypt


Letter to Minister of International Development and La Francophonie on United Nations Relief and Works Agency  (UNRWA) Funding


Submission to the Defence Policy Review, entitled “A Shift to Sustainable Peace and Common Security” 

Version française: Lettre et Une Transition vers la Paix Durable.


Conference 2013 Responding to China’s Global Re-Emergence – Conclusions & Recommendations

Statement on Iran

Joint Statement on Mali


Conference 2012 Afghanistan: Lessons Learned – Report & Recommendations


Conference 2011 The Growing Struggle between Democracy and Global Economic Liberalization – Conclusions & Recommendations

March 25, 2011 – The Group of 78 has endorsed the Voices-Voix declaration on democracy, free speech and transparency in Canada.


Conference 2010 Security and Human Rights in Canadian Foreign Policy – Final Report


Conference 2009 Peace, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law: Canada’s Role in the Middle East – Final Report

Letter to Prime Minister Harper on the UNRWA


Conference 2008 Policy Statement – All Politics Are Global: Canadian Foreign Policy in an Inter-connected World


Conference 2007 – Group of 78 Vision Statement

Conference 2007 – Enoncé 2007 Intendance mondiale: Réveiller l’engagement du Canada envers le monde

December 1, 2007 – Afghanistan: In Search of Peace. Group of 78 Submission to the Independent Panel on Canada’s Future Role in Afghanistan


Conference 2006 Recommendations – African Stability: A Role for Canada?


Conference 2005 Recommendations – Internationalism Revitalized, or “Pax Americana”: W[h]ither Canada?


Conference 2004 Sovereignty and the Interdependence of Nations: Implications for Canada


Conference 2003 Recommendations – Canada and the Developing World

Canada should not participate in US Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD)

Le Canada ne devrait pas participer au système national de défense anti-missile des États-Unis


Group of 78 Statement on September 11


Conference 2001 Change and Challenge to Canadian Foreign Policy, 1981-2001

Conference 2000 Engagement du Canada Envers la paix mondial

September 25, 2001 Open letter to the Prime Minister regarding the September 11 attacks

25 septembre 2001 Lettre au Premier ministre concernant les événements du 11 septembre 2001

Media Release – Group of 78 urges Security Council to set up special court to try September 11 terrorists

Communiqué de presse: Le Groupe des 78 recommande vivement au Conseil de sécurité de mettre sur pied un tribunal spécial pour juger les terroristes du 11 septembre 2001

December 11, 2002 Alternatives to War with Iraq: Recommendations of an Experts’ Panel


Conference 2000 Final Report Canada’s Commitment to World Peace


Conference 1999 Final Report – Globalization and Its Discontents