Watch the webinar: International Climate Finance Perspectives from Canada and the Caribbean

It has become clear over the past few decades that the poorest developing countries are suffering the worst devastation from the climate crisis, in the form of droughts, flooding, and rising seas, despite being the least responsible for global warming. While the need for financial support for developing countries, particularly for climate change adaptation, has been acknowledged, financing… Read More »

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G78 2023 Annual Policy Conference

We are excited to alert you to our 2023 Annual Policy Conference set for the end of September. The theme is Preventing & Stopping Violence: Effective Actions to Curtail Conflict.  The opening of the event on Tuesday, September 26, will feature two speakers: Paul Rogers, Emeritus Professor of Peace Studies at the University of Bradford (UK) will lead off in the morning, followed in the… Read More »

Maude Stephany

Webinar: The Energy Transition

Learn about what the shift to a zero-carbon economy will look like (including debunking common myths), understand the major milestones we need to meet in Canada and get an overview of the different levers that can help us meet our goals. In this webinar, SHIFT Director Adam Scott,  IISD Senior Policy Advisor Nichole Dusyk, and IISD Policy Analyst… Read More »

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Webinar: What Can You Do to Green Canada’s Financial System?

Canada cannot achieve its climate goals without the full participation of the financial system. Canadians with bank accounts, pension funds and/or insurance policies all have a vested interest in aligning this system with climate safety. Learn what financial actors are already doing, what more needs to be done, the role for regulation, and what you can do. Our… Read More »

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Watch the Webinar – What are the Prospects for Democracy in Latin America?

Recent electoral victories by left-leaning leaders and parties mark another turn in the oscillations of Latin American politics, but they also signal enduring changes. The electoral success of the left is a sign of both the durability of electoral democracy and the persistence of social pressures in highly unequal societies. Join us for this webinar, as Maxwell Cameron… Read More »

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Webinar April 6 – The Role of Innovation and Technology in Feeding the Future

Today the same technologies that brought us the Internet and are transforming medicine are reshaping food and farming systems. Smart tractors know where they are in the field and plant the right seed in the right place and give it the right amount of fertilizer, robotic milkers boost productivity while maintaining herd health and reduce potentially harmful inputs… Read More »

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View Video of Canada’s Review of General Preferential Tariffs & Feminism

Canada is currently undertaking a review of its General Preferential Tariff and the Least Developed Country (LDC) Tariff. At stake is whether Canada will continue to treat exports from female-intensive and growth-promoting industries favorably or not. Canada’s highest-value industrial imports from developing countries are in many cases apparel. LDCs Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Nepal have benefitted from a growth-promoting… Read More »

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Watch the video: Canada can’t reach UN Climate Targets. Why not?

Find out during our February webinar, with Bruce Campbell and Jason MacLean, as they discuss how Big Oil’s regulatory capture practices are preventing Canada from meeting the UN Climate Targets. Bruce Campbell is the editor of “Corporate Rules: The Real World of Business Regulation in Canada: How government regulators are failing the public interest,” James Lorimer, 2022. He… Read More »

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Watch the video: “What did two COPS Conferences achieve? Where did they fail?”

In November and December 2022, two crucial international conferences were held—one (COP- 27), at Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, on the climate crisis; and the second (COP-15), at Montreal, on the biodiversity crisis. The issues discussed at these two gatherings are intimately related; they both focus on the survival of the planet as we know it. While there were… Read More »

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Video – War in Ukraine: Possibilities for a Peace Settlement

On October 5, the Group of 78 will host a webinar to explore diplomatic approaches to ending the fighting and to addressing the conflicts at the core of the fighting. Guest speaker Ernie Regehr will draw on insights from his decades of work on peacebuilding including his Resolving Conflict: Why peace cannot be won on the battlefield (2015) to explore pathways to a sustainable and just peace between Russia and Ukraine.

Posted by: Sarah Bowles