2003 Conference

13Canada and the Developing World:

Meeting our Responsibilities


Group of 78 Annual Policy Conference 2003

September 19 – 21, 2003

Econiche House: 32 River Road, Cantley, Quebec J8Y 3A1

Conference Chair: Ross Francis.
Rapporteurs: Geoffrey Pearson, Tim Creery, Arch MacKenzie.

 Flora-MacDonald-with-burqua conf 2003


Conference 2003 Program (English) | Conference 2003 Programme (French)

Conference 2003 Final Report (English)

Conference 2003 Recommendations

Conference 2003 Recommendations (French)

Policy Statement – Canada should not participate in US BMD

Policy Statement – Le Canada ne devrait pas participer au système national de défense anti-missile des États-Unis


Conference 2003 Background Documents

David Malone – Africa’s Vicious Circle

Keith Martin – International Development and the Private Sector

Joel Bleifuss – Rods from God

Senate of Canada – Excerpt of Senate Debates on the United States Ballistic Missile Defence System

UN News Release – UN-established commodities fund aims to aid least developed countries