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We warmly invite you to join our dialog for our 2023 Annual Policy Conference from September 25 to October 2. Our theme is Preventing & Stopping Violence: Effective Actions to Curtail Conflict. For full information please click the button below.

Watch the webinar: Anti-Inflation Policy, Green Finance, and the Climate Crisis

In 2009, a paper in Nature attempted to calculate how much of the world’s reserves of oil, gas, and coal would have to stay in the ground to hold rates of climate change to tolerable levels. Financiers and investors quickly realized the shattering implications: Companies and countries that thought they were sitting on the energy equivalent of goldmines were likely… Read More »

Watch the webinar: Inequities in the Global Financial System: Tackling the Looming Debt Crisis in the Global South

As geopolitical shifts and emerging uncertainties continue to drive up debt servicing costs across the world, with disproportionate impacts across poor and vulnerable countries, economic systems in much of the Global South are under severe stress. From Sri Lanka and Ghana to Lebanon and Zambia, tightening global financial conditions are wreaking havoc across several emerging markets and developing economies. The situation is particularly dire in the… Read More »

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