Save the date! G78 Annual Policy Conference September 23-30, 2022

By | July 11, 2022

The Group of 78 is proud to announce its annual conference for 2022, Transforming International Finance: toward Economic, Social and Planetary Justice. The global context for this conference is shifting profoundly. The weaknesses of the international financial order have not been resolved since they were exposed in the crisis of 2007-08. Debt distress is afflicting a growing number of countries in the Global South as well as households and businesses everywhere. Such problems will be exacerbated by the post-pandemic wave of stagflation, or more accurately, the evident policy response in the form of sharply higher interest rates. Global trade is being upended as a result of the Russia-Ukraine war. Moreover, failure to address the existential threat posed by the climate crisis make all other international problems, save the threat of nuclear war, seem trivial in comparison. In this larger context, transforming international finance will be necessary, if not sufficient, to secure economic, social and planetary justice. 

An updated conference program can be found bellow. We have three keynote speakers, seven panelists and six moderators confirmed.

Please mark your calendar for September 23-30! And stay tuned for more details including ticket reservations.

“Transforming International Finance: toward Economic, Social and Planetary Justice”.
Group of 78 Annual Policy Conference for 2022
Draft Program 2 July 2022

Friday September 23: Opening session. In-person and virtual via Zoom

Introduction and welcome: Roy Culpeper, Chair, Group of 78

10:00 am ET Keynote Keynote: Jim Stanford, Centre for Future Work, “Labour Markets, Climate Change, Finance, and Fair Transitions”. Moderator: Susan Tanner

11:00 am ET.: Richard Kozul-Wright, UNCTAD: ”Is a New Bretton Woods desirable—or possible? Reorienting Global Finance to Social and Ecological Goals”. Moderator:  Manfred Bienefeld

12:30 ET In-person reception with lunch

2:00 pm ET: Keynote: Grace Blakeley, Tribune: “How to Save the World from Financialization”. Moderator: Angella MacEwen

Monday September 26 at 12 Noon ET: Panel 1: Transforming the International Currency System. Virtual via Zoom

Moderator: Eric Helleiner

Speaker: Mark Plant, Center for Global Development:  “Future of the SDR”

Speaker: Matias Vernengo,  Bucknell University: “Future of the Dollar”

Tuesday September 27 at 12 noon ET: Panel 2: Transforming Banking, Monetary and Fiscal Policies. Virtual via Zoom

Moderator: Peter Venton

Speaker: Susan Spronk, University of Ottawa:Public Banking and municipal -infrastructure”

Speaker: Heather Whiteside, University of Waterloo: “Public Enterprise and the Future of Austerity”

Speaker: John Anderson, Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada, “Postal Banking in Canada”

Wednesday September 28 at 12 noon ET: Panel 3: Transforming Financial Innovation. Virtual via Zoom

Moderator: Mario Seccareccia  

Speaker: Andres Arauz, Citizen Revolution Movement, Ecuador: “Democratization of Fintech”

Speaker: Ulrich Bindseil, ECB:“How Central bank digital currencies can effectively serve people”

Friday September 30: Wrap-up panel Virtual via Zoom