Bali and Beyond: The Future of the World Trading System

John Curtis Bali and Beyond: the Future of the World Trading System DATE: Tuesday January 28, 2014 TIME: 12:00 noon (sharp) PLACE: Palais Imperial Restaurant, 311- 313 Dalhousie St., Ottawa COST: $30 for luncheon and presentation, $5 for presentation only For presentation only, please plan to arrive by 12:45 p.m. Coffee and tea will be available. RESERVATIONS: Call… Read More »

From Sea Kings to F-35s: What’s wrong with Canadian military procurement?

The Royal Canadian Air Force is still flying Sea King maritime helicopters, now half-a-century old. Its search-and-rescue planes are of a similar vintage, as are the Royal Canadian Navy’s support ships and destroyers. What is wrong with Canadian defence procurement? And how do we fix this terrible mess?

Afghanistan: Pathways to Peace Update

Afghanistan: Pathways to Peace – Update April 2013  By Gerald Ohlsen   Since launching its report on the first phase of its work in June and hosting a discussion of a peace process in Afghanistan at the University of Ottawa in September of 2012, Pathways has focused on planning and fundraising for the next phase of work.  … Read More »

Group of 78 Statement on Iran

Group of 78 Statement on Iran Adopted by the Board of Directors March 26, 2013 Principal Points: Avoid the use of military force; work with other states and through international organizations – particularly the United Nations – to ensure that acts of war and violence are precluded from all avenues to resolve the outstanding issues associated with Iran.… Read More »

Group of 78 Endorses WFM Benchmarks for Effective Canadian Policy in Mali

Group of 78 Endorsement of Statement by the World Federalists Movement – Canada The following statement by the World Federalist Movement – Canada was endorsed by the Group of 78 Board on March 26, 2013. G78 Endorsement of WFM Statement 2013-03-26 (PDF) Benchmarks for effective Canadian policy in Mali While Prime Minister Harper and the opposition parties have… Read More »

Views on Mali

The UN Intervention in Mali – and Canada’s role – is a topic that has generated several commentaries of note by Michael Byers, John Siebert, and Paul Rogers.

Does the World Still Trust Canada?

In the space of a few years, the international perception of Canada has changed dramatically. Under the Harper Conservatives, Canada has become a country identified with the unilateralism of George W. Bush (even though America has moved beyond Bush), a climate change pariah that has withdrawn from Kyoto and is playing an obstructionist role in attempts to negotiate… Read More »

Newton Bowles 1916 – 2012

Newton Bowles was born in China and died in the United States but was thoroughly Canadian. Ottawa thought so, too, evidenced by his 2001 appointment to the Order of Canada, which noted that Bowles was approached by the newly created United Nations in 1945 to head its post-war relief efforts in China – with typically Canadian results. “He… Read More »