Latest Past Events

War in Ukraine: Possibilities for a Peace Settlement

On October 5, the Group of 78 will host a webinar to explore diplomatic approaches to ending the fighting and to addressing the conflicts at the core of the fighting. Guest speaker Ernie Regehr will draw on insights from his decades of work on peacebuilding including his Resolving Conflict: Why peace cannot be won on the battlefield (2015) to explore pathways to a sustainable and just peace between Russia and Ukraine.


June 15th Webinar Recording – Do Green Bonds Matter?

Green bonds are one of the hottest options in the fight against climate change, a chance for everyday and institutional investors to match their dollars with their environmental values while getting a return on their investment. At a time when we need a seven-fold increase in climate investment around the world, every funding source has to be mobilized. But the details matter. What defines a green bond? How important are they as a source of climate finance? What difference have they made since they were introduced? How can bond buyers be sure their green investment dollars are going into legitimate climate solutions? Join us at 1 pm ET on Wednesday, June 15 to find out.

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