2019 G78 Annual Policy Conference: Global Markets, Inequality and the Future of Democracy – September 27-28, 2019

Faculty of Social Science, Room 4004 120 University Private, Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada

 The focus of Conference 2019 is rising inequality, the pre-eminent threat to economic and social justice, and to democracy, in the 21st century. The conference will aim at deepening our understanding of the international economic forces that propel deepening inequality, particularly global financial markets and neoliberal policies, and will consider international and domestic policies aimed at reversing these trends.

$10 – $300

September 23-30 Recording – 2021 Annual Policy Conference – Adaptation: Building Resilience in the Global Climate Emergency


The aim of this year’s Policy Conference is to enhance the national and global dialogue on the role of adaptation in addressing the threats of climate change. The conference will examine policies that will not only help to shield us from the impacts of climate change but provide ancillary benefits that will make our lives, our communities, our economies and our environment more sustainable. Read more to learn about the scope of the conference, the detailed program, and how to participate.