G78 Recommends Action to Adapt to Climate Change in Letter to the Prime Minister

The following letter was sent to the Prime Minister as well as the Ministers of Global Affairs, Finance (& Deputy Prime Minister), Environment & Climate Change, International Development, Trade Agriculture, Health, Infrastructure, Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, and Natural Resources Canada, requesting action with the recommendations from our 2021 Annual Policy Conference.

2021 Key Messages and Policy Recommendations: Adaptation Building Resilience in the Global Climate Emergency

Overarching Messages: As the climate becomes increasingly destructive of lives, property and biodiversity, it is abundantly clear that human communities must act with urgency—must adapt—to protect themselves from further devastation. Climate change adaptation refers to adjustments in ecological, social, or economic systems in response to actual or expected climatic stimuli and their impacts. In simple terms, countries, communities… Read More »

Opinion piece by G78 Chair, Roy Culpeper

The Hill TimesMonday October 11, 2021, p.19 Canada needs to demonstrate sincerity in its climate adaptation actions It is not too late. Canada can still pledge to increase its contribution, by doubling it again to $2-billion a year. That would still amount to less than half its fair share, but would reflect much greater sincerity in its commitment… Read More »

January 26, 2021 Recording – Pandemic Relief, Recovery, and Reshaping the World Economy

The video of our webinar has been posted to our YouTube channel. Seminar Theme Our webinar will address the interrelated issues of short-term pandemic relief, medium-term  recovery and, in the long term, reshaping the world economy. There are choices at every stage, with implications for distributional equity among and within countries. There can be no return to the… Read More »

January 13, 2021 Recording – Israel and Palestine: Future Directions in the Middle East

January 13th, 2021 1200 Ottawa / 1700 UK / 1800 Geneva / 1900 Ramallah Speakers Dr Alaa Tartir, Inès Abdel Razek, Dr Shir Hever and Dr Jeremy Wildeman Moderator Dr Ruby Dagher Links from Webinar Dr Alaa Tartir https://alaatartir.com/ Dr Shir Hever www.shirhever.com Dr Wildeman’s URL – https://twitter.com/jeremywildeman From Inès Abdel Razek  to Everyone:  12:27 PM If you… Read More »

2021 Policy Conference Outline

    Adaptation       Building Resilience in the Global Climate Emergency  Outline Pdf It is abundantly clear that the climate is changing with profound impacts on our environment, economy, society and our security. The main cause is human activity, primarily as a result of two centuries of greenhouse gas emissions from the production and consumption of fossil fuels. It… Read More »

December 9, 2020 Recording – Recovery: Peace Prospects in the Biden Era Book Launch

The Hon. Douglas Roche, O.C. discusses his newly released book, Recovery: Peace Prospects in the Biden Era. This event was hosted by Group of 78, in collaboration with PeaceQuest Speakers: Welcoming remarks by Roy Culpeper, Chair, Group of 78 Moderation by Steve Staples, Chairperson, PeaceQuest Leadership and Education Initiative Presentation by Senator Douglas Roche (ret.), Canada’s former UN… Read More »

November 24-December 1, 2020 Recordings – Finance, Climate Risk, and How to Make your Pension Fund Climate-Friendly (Part 1+2)

The crucial importance of shifting finance to address the climate crisis Featuring: Adam Scott     This is the first part of the Two-part series of webinars co-hosted by the Climate Legacy and Group of 78; In partnership with SHIFT and the First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa. The crucial importance of shifting finance to address the climate crisis (webinar 1) November 24, 2020.… Read More »

2020 Policy Forum – September 24-October 4, 2020 Recordings

Our 2020 Policy Forum, The Future of Peacekeeping in the Transition to a More Peaceful World: Why UN peace operations are critical and need to be expanded, videos are available for viewing. Given the impending American election and its potentially dramatic foreign policy implications, we are now planning our Conclusions and Recommendations webinar for early to mid-November. Please… Read More »

Letter to PM urging support for developing countries in the current economic and health crises

Letter to PM urging support for developing countries in the current economic and health crises, Pdf The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada 80 Wellington Street Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2 Dear Prime Minister, On behalf of the Group of 78, I am writing to commend you for your current initiative at the UN to tackle the… Read More »