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Watch the Webinar – What are the Prospects for Democracy in Latin America?

Recent electoral victories by left-leaning leaders and parties mark another turn in the oscillations of Latin American politics, but they also signal enduring changes. The electoral success of the left is a sign of both the durability of electoral democracy and the persistence of social pressures in highly unequal societies.

Join us for this webinar, as Maxwell Cameron discusses how the electoral fates and governing strategies of leftist movements and parties reflect the conditions in which they emerged. He analyzes the political and organizational legacies of Cold War repression as well as the ways in which global events such as 9/11, the commodity boom of the 2000s and its exhaustion, the Covid-19 pandemic, and the new global wave of progressive movements, have shaped the ebb-and-flow of left-wing politics. 

Is there a possibility for the construction of social democracy as an alternative to radical populist and right-wing oligarchical politics? Join us for this important discussion.

Our speaker: Maxwell A. Cameron (PhD Berkeley 1989) specializes in comparative politics (Latin America), constitutionalism, democracy, and political ethics. He is the author or editor of a dozen academic books as well as over sixty peer-reviewed articles and book chapters. 

Our moderator: Laura Macdonald is a Full Professor in the Department of Political Science and the Institute of Political Economy at Carleton University. She has published numerous articles in journals and edited collections on such issues as the role of non-governmental organizations in development, global civil society, social policies and citizenship struggles in Latin America, Canadian development assistance, Canada-Latin American relations and the political impact of North American economic integration. Her recent work looks at transnational activism in North America around labour rights, migration, and human rights in Mexico, trade and gender, and policies to reduce crime and violence in Mexico City.