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October 29, Carbon Tax On Trial – Luncheon Speaker Series

Nathalie is actively engaged in the development of Canadian law and policy. She recently served as pro-bono co-counsel to Canada’s Ecofical Commission at the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal, and the United Chiefs and Council of the Mnidoo Mnising at the Ontario Court of Appeal (with Westaway Law), in the constitutional challenges to the federal carbon price.

November 26, Haiti: Another catastrophe in the making – Luncheon Speaker Series

Haiti is attracting renewed attention by the world’s media, as concerns mount over its converging governance, economic and security crises. How did Haiti get to this point, almost ten years after a catastrophic earthquake in January 2010? Who are the key players and what are their agendas? What scenarios can we envisage over the coming year? Where does Canada fit in that panorama?