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Responding to China’s Global Re-Emergence (Conference 2013 Final Report)

Afghanistan: Lessons Learned – Report & Recommendations (Conference 2012 Final Report)

The Growing Struggle between Democracy and Global Economic Liberalization (Conference 2011 Final Report (English))

Security and Human Rights in Canadian Foreign Policy (Conference 2010 Final Report)

Peace, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law: Canada’s Role in the Middle East (Conference 2009 Final Report)

All Politics Are Global: Canadian Foreign Policy in an Inter-connected World (Conference 2008 Policy Statement)

Global Stewardship: A Vision for Canada in the World – Group of 78 Vision Statement (Conference 2007 Vision Statement (English))

Intendance mondiale: Réveiller l’engagement du Canada envers le monde (Conference 2007 Intendance Mondial)

African Stability: A Role for Canada? (Conference 2006 Recommendations)

Internationalism Revitalized, or “Pax Americana”: W[h]ither Canada? (Conference 2005 Recommendations (English))

L’internationalisme revitalisé ou “Pax Americana ” : Où se situe le Canada? (Conference 2005 Recommendations (French))

Sovereignty and the Interdependence of Nations: Implications for Canada (Conference 2004 Final Report)

Canada and the Developing World (Conference 2003 Final Report (English))

Le Canada et le monde en développement: Faire face à nos responsabilités (Conference 2003 Recommendations (French))

Hot-Button Issues in Canadian Foreign Policy since September 11 (Conference 2002 Final Report)

Points névralgiques de la politique étrangère du Canada par suite des événements du 11 septembre 2001 (Conference 2002 Recommendations (French))

Change and Challenge to Canadian Foreign Policy, 1981-2001 (Conference 2001 Report (English))

Changements et défis à la politique étrangère canadienne : 1981 – 2001 (Conference 2001 Report (French))

Canada’s Commitment to World Peace (Conference 2000 Final Report (English))

Conference 2000 Engagement du Canada Envers la paix mondial (Conference 2000 Final Report (French))

Globalization and Its Discontents (Conference 1999 Final Report)

La mondialisation et les malaises qu’elle provoque (Conference 199 Final Report (French))

Human Rights: How Can Canada Make a Difference? (conference report), 37 pages, 1998

Canada’s Defence Policy: “A Realistic and Meaningful Mandate for the Canadian Armed Forces (conference report), 45 pages, 1997

‘Arms and the Man’; Threats to Peace at the End of the Century (conference summary report) 1996

‘Failed States’; How Might the UN and Canada Help? (conference summary report), 1995

Pacific Regional Cooperation in a New Global Context: Challenges and Opportunities for Canada (conference report), 1994

The Movement of Peoples: A View from the South, 177 pages, 1992

Beyond Sovereignty: The Future of the Nation State, 44 pages, 1991

Canada in the Americas: Agenda for the 90s (conference report), 65 pages, 1990

Canada and Her Neighbours in a Changing World (conference report), 1989

Canada and Common Security: the Assertion of Sanity, 88 pages, 1987

Canada and Africa: A Common Cause, 44 pages, 1986

Canada and the World: National Interest and Global Responsibility, 56 pages, 1985

To Combine Our Efforts (pamphlet), 1985

A Foreign Policy for the 80s (pamphlet), 1984