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February 27, 2018 – Fatos Beaudouin

Syrian Refugees – No Relief in Sight (event PDF)

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Dr. Baudouin will share her experience as the WHO consultant in Turkey in the city of Gaziantep where the two large refugee camps are located and the refugee population comprises 22% of the city population. She will argue that since the solution to Syria problem is nowhere in sight, it is time to look into the possibility of integrating the refugees to the existing societies by provide training, help finding jobs and provide job security. A lot of cooperation and collaboration is needed between the host government, UN agencies and the NGOs. Since the beginning of the Syrian civil war in 2011, UN identified that some 13.5 M Syrians are requiring humanitarian assistance of which more than 6M are internally displaced within Syria and more than 5M are refugees from outside Syria. The UNHCR counted more than 1M asylum applicants in Europe as of August 2017. The journey that refugees take, the hardship and the tragedies lived is little understood by the outside world. Among the countries of the Regional Refugee and Resilience, (3RP), a coordination platform including the neighboring countries (excluding Israel and Egypt), the UNHCR counted more than 5M refugees as of August 2017. Turkey is the largest host country of registered refugees with over 3M registered refugees followed by Lebanon close to 1M.

January 30, 2018 –¬†Marius Grinius

North Korea After the Winter Olympics (event PDF)

Speaker’s Note (PDF)

While yet another round of tougher UN sanctions is initiated against North Korea, tensions between North and South Korea have eased as they agree to talk to each other against the backdrop of the Winter Olympics. Meanwhile, a curious meeting on the nuclear standoff is convened in Vancouver, but without China or Russia. However, it is what happens after the Winter Olympics that will determine the way forward, as North Korea continues its march to achieve a credible nuclear weapons capability. Marius will argue that the window for verifiable and irreversible North Korean denuclearization has passed and we now need to look at the diplomacy of containment and de-escalation, all in the context of the “new Great Game” being played out by an ascendant China and a retreating United States.